Cellular and Protein Analysis and Imaging Facility

Room 155 ASVM Building, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus 

The BD FACSCanto has a capacity for eight-parameter detection and capturing particle sizes from 0.5 to 50 μm in diameter, enabeling projects with leucocytes, cell lines, platelets, multiplexed bead technologies and more.  Multiparameter detection helps advanced cell subset analysis, multiparameter functional studies, soluble protein detection, and quantification studies for cell-surface antigens. The FACSCanto workstation includes DiVa 6.1.3 acquisition/analysis software (soon to be upgraded to DiVa 7) and a standalone workstation with FlowJo v9 for data analysis. Link to FACS Canto flow cytometer calendar

The LI-COR Odyssey provides simultaneous two-color target analysis for infrared fluorescent blots including Western blotting, dot blots, and spotted array blots (e.g., multiplexed ELISA).  The instrument also contains a MousePOD® Imaging accessory for in vivo imaging. Link to Odyssey Licor calendar

The Bio-Plex multiplex system plus plate washer enables the detection and quantification of multiple analytes (proteins and peptides, or nucleic acids) in a single sample volume. Utilizing xMAP technology, the Bio-Plex Multiplex system can multiplex up to 500 different assays simultaneously.