Cellular and Protein Analysis and Imaging Facility

Room 155 ASVM Building, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus 

The BD FACSCelesta has blue (488-nm), violet (405-nm), and red (640-nm) lasers and the ability to detect and analyze up to 14 parameters, capturing particle sizes from 0.5 to 50 μm in diameter. This enables the analysis of various cell types (leukocytes, cell lines, platelets….) and beads for multiparameter detection and quantification of cell surface, intracellular, and soluble factors. Link to FACS Celesta flow cytometer calendar

The LI-COR Odyssey provides simultaneous two-color target analysis for infrared fluorescent blots including Western blotting, dot blots, and spotted array blots (e.g., multiplexed ELISA).  The instrument also contains a MousePOD® Imaging accessory for in vivo imaging. Link to Odyssey Licor calendar